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"The heart, not the hype."

Dara Marks, Script Consultant,

Robin Rea interviews Script Consultant
Ranked #1 by Creative Screenwriting Magazine

"What I really believe is that if you are called to write,
you've got to focus on the process of writing
and not on the outcome."

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Goldwyn Award winner
Pamela Gray,
shares a "getting it made" story with Producer Robin Rea.

Her film was at Sundance, now playing at a theatre near you.

We talk to writer-performer NIA VARDALOS.
Her one-woman show,
MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, will soon be made into a motion picture

"Disney called me in for a meeting and told me they wanted to buy my idea. I was like, yeah, all right! Until they told me I wouldn't be in it."

Robin Rea talks to
Patrick Lynn,
one of the producers of  Sundance’s smash indie,

"If somebody’s got the balls to make a movie, it deserves to be seen by somebody."

Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Coordinator
Greg Beal in an exclusive interview

"We look the for the best - the best writers, the best craft, the best Stories."

Straight ouuta NYC, Women Make Movies Executive Director Debra Zimmerman reminds us, "In 1928, 25% of the screenwriters were women.

"It's just part and parcel of the problem that no matter what happens in Hollywood, it's never credited to be because it appeals to women... the military and the film industry are the toughest places for a woman, because both are closed, hierarchical systems."

Becky Smith talks about her short film Death by Vertigo

"Right now, I think that making a good short film is the best way to break into the business."
Dawn Hudson
Executive Director of IFP West
"Writers have to be very creative in charting their own path."
Deborah Stenard
asks the big question in her new short,
I Do, Don't I?
"We had a bomb scare; we lost crew who got real jobs; we cut an entire scene from the script because we lost a location.
But we handled it."
Scott Sublett
"Students understand film instinctively and are engaged in writing the wave of a change in its conventions."

Linda Cowgill Screenwriter/Educator/Author of Writing Short Films

"There's big difference between people 'oohing' and 'ahhing' and taking the risk of hiring a new writer."

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