Producer Robin Rea

Executive Director, IFP West

Independent Feature Project West was created in 1980 by a couple of New York filmmakers who wanted to connect with other filmmakers, to let them know there was a group of artists who could and did make films outside the studios, even in Los Angeles. The idea was to share information and resources and along the way, grow in numbers and strength.

It worked; membership thrives, up from 900 six years ago to 4500 today. Recently I spoke to Dawn Hudson, Executive Director of IFP West, to find out what the organization is up to.

IFP West was primarily targeted for directors/producers, but I understand writers are joining your ranks.

Writers in the independent film world realize they have to take more control of their careers. They either have to align themselves with directors and/or producers, or direct their own work in order to make the project happen.

Writers now constitute a fairly substantial portion of our membership, and for that reason, we've added more programs.

WRITER'S GROUP, a grass-roots, sub-set of IFP West, grew out of our members' eagerness to share and support each other's work.

Our SCREENWRITING CONFERENCE, which we just completed in conjunction with the Writer's Guild and plan to do again next year, focused on the business of writing -- breaking in, getting an agent, moving from writing to directing. John Singleton was our featured speaker.

Members can check out the latest screenwriting software on our LIBRARY COMPUTERS or use the internet for research.

You have a BREAKFAST SERIES that is quite a hit.

Completely sold out everytime we do it. It's an opportunity for our members to sit down with one of five agents there that morning.

People have gotten agents out of it?

Not there and then, but in follow-up later, yes. Every agent and agency is different; some may suit you, some may not.

Like everything else we do, the breakfast series is an opportunity to to learn the lay of the land -- we expect you to use your initiative to find out where you belong.

What's in the works?

Coming up in October is our PRODUCER'S SERIES, a six week series of seminars on the fundamentals of independent film production, from financing through distribution.

As part of that series and available to all the producers who participate, we're initiating a SCRIPT GUIDE in which members can list their projects.

So, for $85.00 a year you get free access to all screenings, library resources and writer's groups. In addition, you get considerable discounts on any seminars or series.

Ridiculously cheap, isn't it?

For more information on the PRODUCER SERIES, call (310) 475-4379, extension 26 (reservations) or extension 13 (information).

Also check out their website:


There is a revolution happening, one script at a time.
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