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gifted writers find out how hard it is, so can you.

If you are a Writer... (open an office here)

Pick our brains Executives-on-Call or 911 for writers. Then join us if you have a completed, WGA-registered screenplay, short script of 20 pages or more, or a play to offer for adaptation.

For  BIO only and CONTACT info: $10 per 90 days

this is for getting you noticed without putting your work out there. Includes any credits, awards, past or present agent information.

Special Introductory Offer!

Let's "go out" with your script!

$25 sets you up online for 90 days.
Tell the world you're out there with your bio, a logline and the first ten pages of your work. is open 24 hours a day.

Register your work online or E-mail us for more information.

At, there is a selection process. We strive to show the best. All material must be registered with the Writers Guild of America, West or East; Copyrighted with the U.S. Copyright Office; or copyprotected in some way. It is always in your best interest to abide by the Writers Guild guidelines for submission. Check out the WGA web site for more information.

There is a revolution happening, one script at a time.
Quendrith Johnson
Executive Producer,


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