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What’s Coming Next at Screenmancer? Watch This…

SCREENMANCER VIDEO PROMO ALERT: When we celebrate (gulp) Screenmancer’s 20th Anniversary next year in 2017, the technology for All Things Interwebs will have come so far a round-up on developments will be moot. But let’s just say we’ve gone from a 486 world to IOT (Internet of Things). And if that’s not enough to spin your head around.

Coming Soon… Screenmancer Wow Point Oh

We’ll try to come up with a few digital surprises and free stuff for you — because, while Google’s YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and The Zuckerberg (who all came late to the party online) have made shit-tons of money, we at Screenmancer have tried very hard not to make a profit, lol, since 1997. And we’ve succeeded brilliantly. Because this is how the Digerati started. Once Upon a Router, when everything was free, open access, open source, an interconnected hive mind of thinkers and makers did amazing things for grins – not-for-profit. That said, after two decades, we might just join the cash party… just to keep the pixels lit and the lights on, anyway.

Some Eyecandy Data on the Interwebs FYI

More to come as Screenmancer announces advances on the doings for the 2017 events.


SCREENMANCER is a gathering place for people who make movies, science, and Margaritas… since 1997.

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