Pedro Almodovar
& Spanish National Treasure

"In my life I try to delay decisions as much as possible.
Iím much more of a coward than the characters in my films.
As writer, I place my characters in extreme situations that
require immediate solutions. For me there would be no story
if there are no strong tensions which threaten the characters."

"[Film] deals with things that are very simple,
very recognizable. Emotions."

"In all of my films emotions have been present. In any case,
I donít analyze or calculate what Iím going to do. I just do it.
Iím simply telling a story that interests me."

"You donít know at the beginning of writing; you know at the end,
you discover many things in the process of making a movie.
Almost everything comes out of my soul. Iím not sure
what part of my body my soul is; the soul
moves around a little bit like an alien."

"I know the audience prefers laughing with me than crying with me.
The best movies you are laughing and crying at the same time."
(Out-takes from an interview) Copyright Q. Johnson


There is a revolution happening, one script at a time.


Quendrith Johnson
Executive Producer,