Brad and Angie are tired of traditional offline Hollywood too, ps.

Screenmancer Launches New Look for DEW 2016

Los Angeles, CA — Okay, well, Screenmancer isn’t just launching a new look for Digital Entertainment World (DEW) to be held Feb. 9 -11 in Century City, Calif. But after our founding in 1996 by UCLA Film School alums Quendrith Johnson and Robinson Rea, with a first launch live in 1997, we thought the site could use a pick-me-up on the way to our Screenmancer 20th Anniversary next year. So, first we want to thank Leanne McMahon in the UK for the creative infusion, and then we want to thank all of Screenmancer Staff, Advisory Board Members John P. Mello, Jr., Mark Andrew Allen, Scot Byrd, and Eric Djie in Phuket, Thailand, as well as Co-Founder Emeritus Robinson Rea, Screenmancer’s wunderkind Perry Randall.

Brad and Angie are tired of traditional offline Hollywood too, ps.

Brad and Angie are tired of traditional offline Hollywood too, ps. That’s why we created Screenmancer in 1996.

We also want to thank supporters/contributors like Christopher Keane in Boston, Mass., Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin (“This Is Your Brain On Music” in re: film scores) from McGill University, Jon Asp in Sweden as Ingmar Bergman‘s chronicler for us once, Donna White from Script Savvy, and the now-famous script consultant Dara Marks whom our Screentalk founder Robinson Rea found back in the day. Rea “discovered” Nia Vardalos (“My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding”) for us before she was famous (find it on the menu bar); interviewed Greg Beal of the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship back in 1998, and even met Dawn Hudson, now President of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), back when she was with Women In Film.

We have tried very hard to not to make a profit at Screenmancer, and so far, have succeeded with flying colors. Now we’d like to open a dialogue with investors. Because we did Free for almost 20 years, and now we’d like to Monetize. That’s all folks!, as the Warner Bros would say.

Scroll through our redesign and make yourself at home. We’ve left some Archive pages just as they were, as we migrate our content through 2016 to 2017.  Contact us at

**Our revamped Screenmancer Lot is under construction for 2017 relaunch.

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