Love is a Two Way Street

People say every story has a happy ending. This story doesn't.When you think all your hopes and fears aspire to be more then just limited aspirations vaguely wrapped around a world of plain,lonesome, everyday people, things seem more difficult. So here it is, Two people they meet each other and they think they are in love after a week, he bangs her after only being with her for 3 days .... You call that Love? You call that a decent woman?

Who knows? Well next thing that crosses these two young minds is the possibility of marriage, what do they know they have only been together for a month when they concieve this thought but life goes on and the man hides his life from the woman and he ends up hurting her but she hurt his heart by messing around with other guys and being sly about it .... Even now she may still be sly. Well to make a long story short they are both poison to each other and matter what any one of them try to do they are dead with each other.

Because Love is a two way street. The moral of the story none, The reason for the story for it to be over just like these two people.