We'll walk through Big Media
Hollywood-style with you...
(but you have to promise
to come back when you get bored!)

Studios are like drugs, some are good; some are a bad trip.
Use your own radar.

Dare we suggest some cooler halls to roam:

Animator's Dream Factory (we made up this nickname for them, you'll see why!)

Add your favorites

(remember, Dorothy, come back to Screenmancer when done!!)


Screenmancer likes -- in no particular order -- Bob and Harvey Weinstein, Bob Altman, Robert Wise, Jane Campion, Billy Wilder (the old bastard that he is), Cameron Crowe, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Amy Holden-Jones, Frances Marion (dead), Lenore Coffee (dead), Rita Hayworth (dead), and, best of all, Burt Lancaster (dead, but immortal... see "The Swimmer"; best of the greats).