Endless Love for Tom Cruise 35 Years Later & Reacher Scores

SCREENMANCER TOM CRUISE ALERT: Say what you will, Tom Cruise knows how to “sell cars” as Steven Spielberg puts it when it comes time to promote a movie. Lee Child‘s screen adapt of the Jack Reacher novel series is just TC’s latest addition to the plus column, and it opens tomorrow – marking three and a half decades of film releases for the marquee star. James Corden is way out front on celebrating 35 years of Cruise control at the box office since 1981’s Endless Love, where the future Mission Impossible franchise-fronter debuted as supporting cast to a then superstar Brooke Shields in her first run at playing a lead role.

Enough said, and here’s Tom Cruise doing his own personal movie remakes with James Corden. Added bonus: Cruise through his career by the numbers, and the stats.

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[Clips courtesy of Paramount Pictures and affiliates. Stats courtesy of www.graphiq.com]

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